Sore From Sitting All Day?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

One short session on our award winning Wave Mat helps relieve tension, and soothe/strengthen important posture muscles allowing for a more productive life. The healthier you and your employees, the healthier your company.

15 Min Neck and Back Pain Relief

If you’re in pain at work, you probably won’t be very productive.

When companies prioritize a good wellness culture, a positive workplace is created. This helps increase employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Why Us?

Partnering with StimaWELL gives you a unique advantage to distinguish your company. We offer a well rounded approach to team health using some of the best tools in pain management and recovery.

Keep you and your team fully charged, healthy and motivated.

What You Get?

As part of the SW Corporate Wellness Family together we will create an effective solution for your team and workspace. No two teams and spaces are alike so we personally craft an approach for you and your team.

Initial Interview

To full capture the company and its needs.

Professional Health Evaluation

Every employee is different. We do a 1 on 1 initial health evaluation with everyone to make sure they get the most out of our approach.

Unique Tools

The only one of its kind, our Wave Mat, is truly an unbeatable experience. It has been compared to a 4 handed massage and 9/10 people love it.

Follow Ups

We set targets at the beginning of every contract and follow up to keep everyone up to date on employees excited about their health and wellness.

Fun Content

Everyone learns a different way. We are constantly creating content to help intake and retain information. Below is a video example from our Corporate Wellness in Montreal series.

How To Properly Sit At Work

It seems that sitting has become the new trend in North America yet most people are doing it wrong. This ends up leading to neck, back and shoulder pains that persist and weigh down on our lives. This is the first in a series on corporate wellness and how to make the most out of your work experience.

Recharge Room

A space for the wellness. A space to promote health. A space to recharge.

Wave Mat FAQ

What does your Wave Mat do?

Our Wave Mat works by sending soothing waves of electric pulses up and down the neck and back regions (heated option also available). This relieves tension and helps build muscle in the areas surrounding the spine. It also increases blood circulation which leads to many well known benefits.

What are the benefits of increased blood circulation?

Blood circulation is one of the most important functions in the human body. It supplies oxygen to the brain and other organs, promotes healthier skin and helps cell growth which aids in recovery and rehabilitation.

How long does one session take?

The initial assessment takes 45 minutes with subsequent sessions lasting 20 minutes and are done by our Kinesiologist.

Is there proof that the technology works?

StimaWELL is a branch of Schwa-Medico. They have been in the electrical muscle stimulation space for 40 years. We have studies showing increased performance in athletes, and EMS technology has been used in space programs for years and is an accepted method of rehabilitation amongst many health professionals.

What benefit will my employees see?

Users have reported an increase in postural awareness and boost in energy levels following a session. Users have also reported a release in tension in the neck, back and shoulder regions allowing for a more focused workday.

How many sessions before results?

Our Wave Mat has immediate effects on muscle tension and blood flow. Everyone is different though so result times will vary.

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