StimaWELL® EMS Device

StimaWELL EMS blends the possibilities of a 12-channel medium-frequency training device with the performance and quality features of medical products. At the same time, the StimaWELL EMS combines the advantages of gentle medium-frequency stimulation with the physiological impact of low-frequency stimulation. Just 20 minutes are all it takes for scientifically proven high-intensity training. Well over 50 different training programs offer you a wide range of options to shape your training to your individual needs. Intelligent recovery programs promote regeneration and help you reduce stress.


What is EMS training?

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. This means your muscles are stimulate by an EMS training unit with the help of electric impulses. Using a special suit featuring up to 24 electrodes (12 channels), the StimaWELL EMS emits modulated medium frequency impulses that cause your muscles to contract. These muscles contractions are more intense than would be possible through voluntary muscle tension. The impulses act on all muscle groups at the same time. This makes the training method especially effective.

What are the advantages of EMS training?

EMS training is a gentle method for getting in shape quickly. Without great strain on the joints and ligaments. And nevertheless intensive and very effective.

  • Promotes general muscle development

  • Control and design your training individually

  • Intensive training in just a few minutes

  • Tried and tested for back and joint problems